C a r e e r                           back..

- Born in Regensburg (Germany) in 1940
- Administrative officer (retired)

- Love for nature, especially for birds, as a main motive for 
  wildlife photography
- The kingfisher is my favourite bird
- Encouraged to turn to wildlife photography as a hobby by
  first black-and-white images already in the fifties
- Since 1972 member of the "Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfoto-
  grafen" ("Society of German Wildlife Photographers") -GDT-
- From 1980 to 1982 vice-president of the GDT
- Working for almost 30 years as a free lance journalist for a
  local newspaper in my home town
- Exhibitions of wildlife images
- Slide Shows with soundtrack about nature travels
- Member of many photographic libraries at home and abroad


- Minolta cameras/lenses/accessories 
- Light barrier
- Films: Fuji Velvia, Sensia